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Audition Materials

  • All Students must print, complete and bring their student audition form from to the auditions.

  • Failure To Present The Form At The Registration Table, Will Render You Ineligible To Audition!

  • If you are accepted to the Chorus, this form will be retained for signatures and emergency information.

Tonal Patterns (Scales and Arpeggios)

Tonal Memory Examples

In order to hear and practice Tonal Memory examples, you will need  Finale Notepad. Click on the link and Download your free copy of Finale Notepad. You will need to create an account and register, however Finale Notepad is Free! Most of the Tonal Memory examples were written with Finale 2006, so if you have Finale Notepad 2006 or later, or Finale 2006 or later, the exercises will play on these versions as well. Remember, these are just examples, not the actual tonal memory for the audition!

Hint: In Finale, hold "spacebar" and click on the measure where you want to begin!

Extremely Easy Preliminary Exercises

Very Easy Preliminary Exercises

Easy Preliminary Exercises

More Advanced Than Auditions

Extremely More Advanced Than Auditions

Practice Exercises

The Ultimate Collection of Tonal Memory Exercises - 80 pages -  720 Examples - Easy to Print

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