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Part 3: Tonal Memory

  • The student will be given a sheet of music with several numbered examples. Each example will be written in both treble and bass clefs, and the student may read either.

  • The judge will play a CD recording in which the example is played twice on the piano. After hearing the example played twice, the student will, using the music, sing it on the syllable ‘la’ for each note, at the same pitch and tempo, and with the same rhythm as played on the tape recording.

  • The examples begin and end on the tonic. Therefore, the students will not receive a starting note, but will be expected to begin singing immediately following completion of the second playing.

  • A singer who gets a false start on a tonal pattern or the quartet may be granted a second chance by the judges. A false start may be penalized, however the decision will be left up to the judges. Remain consistent throughout the evening.

  • NOTE: The tonal memory portion of the audition will be administered in a separate room. Students may complete the tonal memory audition either before or after the Scales and Quartet.

  • NOTE: Solfegé is permitted. Students will not be marked down for incorrect solfegé syllables, only incorrect pitches and/or rhythms.

Scoring Rubrics

  • Students are judged on: vocal quality, pitch, range, expression, dynamics, accuracy, preparedness, diction, breath control, etc.

  • Students are judged only on accuracy. Credit is given for each measure completely correct.

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